Park Time

Yesterday was a rest day.  After the Chambers Bay hills Monday night, my legs needed a rest.  So Sky and I chilled at home until after nap time, then headed to the park so Sky could walk it out. 

 Gotta stop and smell the flowers. 
 I climb all by myself. 
Just a little break.  
This morning got 4.01 miles in, including a big, big, big hill that didn’t slow me down to a walk for once.  I ran it, slowly, but I did it.  I am still amazed that Sky is so content in the stroller.  I held off on giving her snacks until the last mile.  Just want to make sure she is able to sit without being bribed.  It’s an important skill.  
I love Wednesday’s…she spends a few hours with Grammy and Grandpy and I get a few hours to myself.  After I run a quick errand for Mark I’m chilling in a coffee shop with my book! 

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