Running in Circles

That’s how my day started.  With Dad pushing Sky around the lake and me running, in the middle of the 15th annual Ft. St. Invitational mind you…lot’s of “real” runners running around, 2.69 miles with a 9:11 average pace.  My first mile was 9:02.  I know that’s not fast for some, but it is really fast for me for a first mile.  I’m not a fast starter.  I like to start slow like 10:30 or 11 ish and then speed up at the end. 

One thing 1/2 training taught me…it all gets better after mile 4 and I am able to finish much stronger and faster than I start.  My comfortable pace is 9:22, I feel like I can do that forever almost, I just can’t do that the first 4 ish miles. 

So to have a first mile at 9:02 and never go slower than 9:20 even for just 2.69 is pretty great for me. 

After that it was home to spend the day watching college football and playing with Sky while Mark toiled away working on the bathroom.   

Ended the evening with dinner on the deck while watching the USC vs Stanford game.  I have started making a habit of watching whatever game Jodi’s Dad is reffing (when I know what game he is reffing), it’s just way more fun when I “know” one of the refs.  I guess I actually do know him because I have met him several times.  It helps me decide which of the many games to watch.  And, I think he does a great job!

Inquiring minds want to know though Jodi…does your Dad prefer easy run of the mill games with an off-sides call or two, or does he find games like tonight with all the turnovers challenging and exciting? 

Shout out to my sister and her hubby who had a 1/2 trail run today with some CRAZY elevation. 

Shout out to all those running the You Go Girl event tomorrow!  I’m thinking of you and hope it goes well!  

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