Tired Legs

All the running has gotten to me I think.  I had to stop last nights run at 2.5 miles.  My legs are sore.  Not just this is a good workout sore, but things are hurting that shouldn’t be sore.  So I stopped, walked back to the car and am taking today and tomorrow off from running. 

I’m stretching today, using my foam roller and beg board, and more stretching. 

Have a run Friday morning and Saturday morning, then it’s vacation time.  I will be running on vacation, goal is 2 runs, add in all the hiking and walking and I will be good. 

I think Sky is loving today.  Not getting up and going on a run.  We have been playing non-stop…  through her morning nap.  I had a heck of a time getting her to go down at 12:30, two hours past nap time!  She loves having the run of the house and deciding when she wants attention and when she wants to play on her own.  Kinda letting her run the show today. 

Mostly because the rest of the week I’m going to be busy packing and trip planning so we can get out the door Sunday. 

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