Life Over the Weekend

This is how Thursday afternoon, after shots, was spent…

So sad.
Thankfully by Friday she was 100% better!  Her legs were still sore from the shots, but she wasn’t fussy about it any longer.  
Saturday morning I got up at 4:30 am all in an effort to get a kid free trail run in with Elya.  We have a 10 miler in Oct and she has never run on a trail!  It was stressing me out…I had to get her out there in the dirt, gravel, and tree roots.  So we hit Ft. Steilacoom and enjoyed having the entire park to ourselves!  We hit all the hard hills and had a blast.  The trail we came down was so dang steep we couldn’t even walk it.  We slid from one tree to another all the way down.  Along the way we ran into a coyote, rabbits, and downed trees.  We spent good times climbing over and crawling under.  Was a great run!  
Then that afternoon we hit up ParaNorman.  Mark and Grace have been waiting over a year to see this “kid-friendly” zombie movie!  Because Mark has a zombie thing Grace has a zombie thing, and has repeatedly asked to watch zombie movies with him.  I won’t recommend it one way or another, I will say it is a bit much for a 6 year old.  The end is pretty intense and she ended up jumping into Mark’s lap.  I liked it and thought it was a unique kids movie in that it deals with a darker subject matter, but it is not for everyone.  
Sunday morning was another early get up for me as I had running plane with Michelle and El.  I was supposed to have Sky with me as well, but she slept in, so Mark watched her and I got another kid free run in!  
 We hit 5 mile drive and it was great!  Ran the entire thing…didn’t stop once to walk…even up the hard hills!  50 minutes…my fastest 5 mile time ever!  
I came home got cleaned up and we hit Relay Night at the Rainiers.  Was the Rainiers last home game of the season and was actually pretty perfect weather.  Sky did great…made it to the 7th inning stretch and then we headed home.  She was getting restless and we didn’t want to push her too much, especially since she refused to take a nap earlier, so there was high potential for a melt down!  
 Michelle and Sky…Sky has her eye on the peanuts Bob was shelling. 
Us at the game.  
Today is a rest day from running.  I have a pretty nasty skin tear on the bottom of my big toe.  Seems no matter what I do I have blister/rubbing issues.  I will figure it out eventually.  Exciting 1/2 news for next year…
I will be running the Seattle See Jane Run next July!  Super excited about it.  This will be Michelle’s first 1/2, and I’m looking forward to putting all personal goals aside and focusing on getting her to the finish line and having fun!  A 1/2 that focuses on champagne and chocolate?!?!  How can we not do it?!  
I’m still contemplating doing Tacoma City again in May…it’s a new route and I think I can handle the waterfront part since it’s not out and back this time, and I really want to PR…I know I can cut a significant amount of time, but I still don’t know if I really want to push doing the waterfront on myself again.  (I seem to remember posting “I’m done running the waterfront!”)  Even though this would have been a good first 1/2 for Michelle I didn’t feel like I could register to run it with her.  I know I would want to focus on PR’ing  and I didn’t feel like it was right to register with someone else to do a race and have my own agenda, or force her to deal with my water front mental issues.  
I’m excited we are getting a “last day” of sun and warmth today.  After Sky wakes up from her nap and we have lunch we are heading outside and not coming in until dinner!    

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