Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for a healthy little girl.  15 month appointment was today.  She is 2 ft 8 in tall and is a whopping 22lbs!

Actually seems like she has been 22 for a while now, but she is taller than last time so she is growing.

Her body has finally grown into her head as her head circumference is no longer in the 75% range.

She was plenty ticked off at me for pinning her down during the shots.  I think it pretty much sucks they even make the parent do that…grab a 2nd nurse and let them be the bad guy.

But, the upside was she was super snugly this afternoon, lot’s of crying and fussing too, but she wanted to be held and snuggled the whole time and that’s always nice.    

Also thankful to have my weekend runs lined up! 

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