Good Weekend

Our weekend started Friday evening with Mark taking a break from bathroom remodeling.  We took Sky to the book store and found two books for her.  Well she found one, picked it out herself, and I found the other.  She was so funny…ever time she lost track of daddy the whole store could hear her screaming DADDY, DADDY, DADDY!!!!

That girl loves her daddy! 

Saturday Sky and I met Uncle Randy, Aunt Nancy, Tracy and a little Velociraptor (I think that’s the right one) for a stroll through the Olympia farmers market, play time at the park, lunch at the Reef, and then Sky and I hit up Dancing Goat Coffee for me to do some coffee tasting. 

Then Mark and I went to Costco and ended up with a new TV and DVD player for the bedroom.  It’s something we have been talking about for several years and came down to the fact that we are so excited to make Friday night movie night a special/big deal for Sky once she’s old enough to watch movies.  Plus, we have seen how well it works when we have the mini Beckham’s over to have movie time for them in the room while the adults play X Box, pictionary or watch our own movie or whatever. 

We found a small, but bigger than the RV TV, TV for the room that was a great price.  We watched part of a movie last night after Sky went to bed and the sound is so much better.  Every time Grace comes over she tells us we need a bigger TV in there…she will be excited when she sees it. 

Today I have my 3rd run in 3 days…I’m not usually a back-to-back runner, but my next race I’m looking to PR and the race after that is a 10 mile trail run, and I need to get the miles up there so I don’t feel like dying during the race.  So I’m running a lot, and actually feeling pretty good about it. 

Then tonight is Steelers football time!  It’s only pre-season, but I’m excited to get my first look at the rookies and see how Ben is looking with his shoulder injury. 

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