Hot Run

Yeah, it’s hot, I’m not complaining because in the PNW we are lucky to get hot days.  The only thing I will say is I don’t run well in the heat.  I get headaches  bad ones, like my head is going to explode and today I got to add in trying not to vomit.  Fun times!

I thought heading out before 9am would help with all that this morning, but it didn’t.  2.31 miles in and my head was killing me, and I felt like I was going to lose my breakfast.  So I decided to end it there and walk the rest of the way home.  The funny thing is when I started I felt great.  My legs felt good, I was way under my usual plodding pace and Sky had even settled down from her morning crank fest. 

I was feeling like it was going to be a nice fast pace for a change, and it was (for me at least) for the 2.31 miles I did run. 

The nice thing is Sky is not cranky any more.  She usually wakes up the happiest little person in the world, but not today.  Thank goodness she loves our runs together! 

Her recovery snack…raisins and gold fish crackers, the extra cheddar ones.  She spends most her time yelling gogogo at me, or laughing her head off, I’m sure it tuckers her out.  
Today was supposed to be a P90X day, but darn it I felt like a run, so did that instead.  I will give it another go tomorrow.  Will probably try a different local…maybe a change will help take my mind off the heat?  Or maybe I will just suck it up and get up at 5am, and run before Sky and Mark wake up.  Plus, it would give me a stroller free run which I need so I can do a form check.  
I should probably also be better about drinking water and eating my normal pre-run breakfast instead of bacon and egg like I did this morning.  Dumb, dumb, dumb! 

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