Busy Day

Sky and I started off with an early (for us anyway) morning run with Michelle.  We tackled 5 mile drive and ran all but one small part of the last hill.  That is the furthest I have run 5 mile without walking.  Usually there are 2 hills before the last one that I have to finish up by walking, but not today! 

On my way home I went the back way (through Steilacoom) and noticed a ton of garage sale signs and an estate sale sign.  For some reason it got me all excited I felt like we just had to go back and check things out.  I was hoping I could talk Mark into going with me because I just didn’t feel like hitting garage sales by myself. 

But, Mark is kinda stuck in home improvement hell right now.  We (you know the collective we in which Mark does all the work and I talk about it like I have been helping him the whole time) started the master bath remodel many months ago (March) and one thing has led to another.  The plumbing has now been replaced and the flooring under the utility closet will have to be replaced.  Among other things. 

The upside is how often do you have flooring and walls torn out giving you access to the areas that you need to work on?  Single income cash flow and single person labor (meaning Mark) mean that everything takes a lot longer than anticipated.  But, we kind of have the hang of cramming into the guest bathroom, and am thankful we have a second bathroom. 

Anyway, I was supper excited that Mark was just getting up, it was already hot, and he was sore and had a headache all meaning he was more than happy to take the morning off and go garage sale with Sky and I.  (He did come home and work for several hours, through dinner even.)  

Having just held my own garage sale to get rid of all my grandma’s stuff I know that “real” garage sale peeps go early and take all the good stuff hours before the sales actual open.  So, I didn’t even bother showering after my hot stinky run.  I just put on more deodorant and a hat, changed out of my running cloths and we were out the door. 

What did we get…snow boots for Sky that will fit 3 sizes from now, super cute fall fashion boots that will fit her now, a sweater and a big dump truck with a pull handle (like a wagon) full of jumbo sized building blocks that lock together like legos.  Mark found a cool crockery canister for our coffee as well!  

And, the thing I’m most excited about…A new vacuum!  We were given a really, really nice one that we never could have afforded years ago, but the last 2 years it has been in the shop a lot for work and tune ups, and it never was fixed.  It’s still been shocking my hand and turning off in the middle of vacuuming for no apparent reason.  The shop can’t figure out what is up and I’m done putting money into it.  So, we got a great price on a brand new Hoover with all sorts of bells and whistles I never would have been willing to pay for if I were paying full price.  It works great and I’m supper excited to have a working vacuum that won’t shock me every time I use it. 

Sky was a champ getting in and out of the truck, walking blocks and blocks, during her nap time.  She wasn’t fussy at all. 

We did take a lunch break at the Topside Grill which sky was pretty excited about:

This was our first visit to the Topside Grill and we were impressed.  It’s not fancy, but the food was good, the service was great, and the beer prices are the best in town!  We decided we need a date night to bike down there, have a few drinks and bike home.  (Can you get pulled over for biking under the influence?)  Now to find a babysitter to make that happen.  
After lunch Sky was out for about an hour while we continued to drive by sales, and hop out if we saw something we were interested in.  Turns out today was the town of Steilacooms town wide garage sale day, no wonder I was seeing signs everywhere!  

One of the things I LOVE about Mark and I, we have fun doing simple things like going to garage sales.  Was kinda the perfect day because I got to spend time with Mark and Sky.  Plus by the time we got home Sky was tired…she only slept for about an hour in the truck, so after dinner she was ready for bed at 6.  Early bed time is a gift that I love!  

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