Link Love

Today I’m sharing two links, because I just don’t feel right sharing one and not the other. 

The first link is for my sisters blog:

It’s a lot about running and working out, and a lot about family life.  Every post make me either laugh, cry, or grimace in pain! 

My sister is a gifted writer, and her race reviews are honest and brutal.  It kills me sometimes to read about what she goes through during a race, but I love it at the same time!  And, I love all the great pics.  She runs with her camera and captures the highs and lows of running and life in general. 

The second link is her husbands blog:

Brian offers great product review, perspective, and tips on running and gear.  He is honest about where he (and my sister) have come from health wise to get to where they are now and honest about life getting in the way and getting back on track again.  I love his posts and value his opinions on gear! 

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