Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful I got to do this last night…

 The view from our seats at the Aerosmith concert!  
Yeah the stage was small from our vantage, and there weren’t great big screans to watch, but we didn’t care.  We danced and sang along all night and I LOVED it!  
Enjoying some micro brews waiting for the Bad Boys from Boston to take the stage.  
Yes, my 24 love affair is still alive and strong!  I have not missed a PNW concert in 13 years, and last night they did thing different than they ever have before.  The lead in’s to all the songs were different, they did a couple of songs that I LOVE but have not heard them do live, each member got lengthy solos that were awesome!  And the best part was by far Steven playing the piano and singing Dream On solo.  
Steven is still so Steven and I love him, and Joe Perry…the only thing to say is he is such a f’ing rock star.  He is so cool and makes it look so easy.  
Thank you Mark for the tickets!  I was so happy to be there!   

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