Figuring Out Sky

It’s becoming more and more challenging to figure this girl out.  She has a ton to say, but I understand maybe 25% of it.  I’m pretty sure she is taking a foreign language behind our backs.  

I have figured out that she says Daddy any time something makes her happy.  I think she is happiest when Daddy is around, a fact that I take zero offense to.  I figure she knows I’m there all day every day, I’m a given fact in her life.  Daddy is too, but Daddy is out of sight for hours at a time, so spending time with him and his attention is more important to her.  She is totally a Daddies girl. 

It has taken me a while to realize that saying Daddy all day doesn’t necessarily mean I want my Daddy.  I realized today that any time she is happy, or does something that makes her happy she says Daddy…because her Daddy makes her happy.  Plus she says it when I’m typing or on the computer, or walk into the office…all things she associates with Daddy.  And, when she does something she is proud of she says Daddy, I think because she wants to show off for him.  I’m here and have seen it already so am old news in her mind. 

Every day is an adventure around here.  She is climbing higher and higher on things and no matter how baby proof we think we are, she proves we are not Sky proof. 

In other news I managed to get a run in this morning.  I was hard…I did P90X Plyo yesterday and my legs were shot, but I did it anyway, with a little help from my running partner and my new compression socks! 

 This was post run, I was out of breath and red face and was dreading the single step up to the front door.  I think this look says I hope you don’t pass out before you give me a snack.  
Pro Compression had a discount on the USA sock, and I wanted to feel like an Olympian, so had to get them! 

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