Post Dirty Dash

The aftermath!  
 Mark works with Jenni and she was nice enough to let me join her team!  
Dirty, dirty, dirty girl!!!  I had mud in place I was not happy about, and I don’t know what they put in the mud, but I washed in the shower 3 times and still wasn’t clean.  Soaked my feet in a foot bath this evening and the water was brown!  Cloths are on the third wash…will see if they get clean or not.  
By far the most fun I have had doing a “non-serious” race EVER!  Tons, and tons of mud, great obstacles, fun water slide, great atmosphere, Jenni and Michelle (her friend Michelle, not mine) were both a blast!  Bonus was I found Alison and Cory…friends from HS!  We were able to start with them, and they caught us at the beer challenge and we all finish together!  I can’t wait until next years event!  
While I was wallowing in the mud Mark took Sky to Lattin’s Country Cider Mill for some fresh produce, and fun with animals.  Plus, he brought me home the best donuts ever!!  They must have worn each other out because Sky just made it through dinner and Mark fell asleep around 7 and is just now (9:10 pm) awake and watching Olympics with me. 

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