Thankful Thursday

(This post subject was requested…good thing it’s something I’m thankful for as well!) 

Today I’m thankful for my white board!  Yes I have my schedule on my phone set with bells to go off two hours before every appointment, and then 15 minutes before every appointment, but all and still I love having a visual list I can look at every day.

I know where I need to be and what I need to do every day with just a glance.  No need to enter the security code on the phone and click on the calendar app.  I’m organized and like my life and living space to be organized, looking at my white board makes me happy and helps me feel calm to have everything listed out.  

Here is how it works for me:

This is the overall view of the white board.  It features a cork strip frame to pin stuff too, two pens that have two colors each and eraser tips, and the board itself is magnetic. 
I have a calender, coupons and an event flyer tacked to the cork strip.  If there is paperwork needed for Sky’s appointments, or a grocery list I will tack stuff like that to it as well.  
On the right hand side of the board I have all of our appointments and plans listed for the month.  Sometimes we are so busy I can only fit a week or two at a time and will update it every Sunday.  
On the left side I have a daily schedule of workouts and cleaning.  The blank space is mostly used to jot a quick phone number or last minute add on to the schedule, or for Mark to add things like his Iceland trip, or events that are taking place months from now.  
Close up of the cork strip.  
 Close up of the magnets.  
 Our schedule for the month.  Titled Adventure’s because that is our family motto.  “Every day is a new adventure!”  Even if we are doing the same old thing, we find ways to make it new and fun for Sky.  
 One of the magnetic pens that came with the board. The other one is black and dark blue.  
The workout and cleaning plan.  
I got the white board at Costco a little over a year ago.  Don’t remember how much it was, but I know it was under $30.  It came with the pens, magnets, and push pins for the cork strip.  It also has hardware on the back to hang vertical or horizontal.  I have no idea if Costco still has it or not.  

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