Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for the sun!

And for this…

The table and chairs that I was able to bring home from Grandpa’s.  He didn’t want or need it any longer.  (yes I’m thankful for the little girl in the pic as well).  Sky and I sat at the table in the sun and watched this yesterday morning…

The US Ladies in their first soccer game of the Olympics, on our lovely big screen.  We have the perfect view of the TV from the deck, and thanks to the surround sound the speakers in the back of the room can be heard outside no problem!  (I have to say the TV is still one of my fave purchases we have made.  We love sports and watching sporting events on this TV is pretty great!)

This is my first year being home during the Olympics and I plan on watching as much of it as possible from the deck, while working on my tan! 

I’m also supper thankful that Mark doesn’t give me a hard time about enjoying the sun and Games while he is at work.  He knows that what I’m really doing is playing with and managing Sky and mostly listening to the game because I’m chasing her around the yard keeping her safe. 

So excited for opening ceremonies tomorrow night!  Let the Games begin!!!!

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