2 Cute Little Girls

Jodi and I went for a quick walk, and since the park was a bust (all the toys were wet) we headed back to her place to let Reagan and Sky play in the back yard.  We really need to start taking videos, those to little ladies are super funny together! 

Weekend catchup:
Friday walked to Starbucks with Jodi (but didn’t get our free drinks because we were too early!  I got mine later though when I went to Safeway).  Saturday ran 5 mile drive with Michelle and Winona, and was easily the best 5 mile drive run I have had in a very long time!  BBQ’d with the Beckham’s Saturday evening.  Sunday Sky and I were pretty darn lazy.  We practiced for football season…PJ’s, couch, Tour de France and Soccer, and not much else.  Didn’t accomplish anything around the house, but sure had fun hanging out with her. 

May or may not have time to blog tomorrow…and am out the rest of the week until Sunday.  Going to the East side to pack up my Grandma’s stuff and help make it a little easier for my Grandpa to be in the house without her. 

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