Morning Run

Went for a 9 am run this morning, thinking I would beat the heat.  Right.  I had sweat running in places I didn’t even know it could run in.  Yuck!  There are some pretty long stretches of the run from my house to the park (through the park) and back that are sun, sun, sun.  No shade to be found.  And pushing Sky just makes me work that much harder and sweat that much more.  It’s really great when I start to slow down and Sky looks up at me and starts laughing.  And I mean the kind of laughing that resulted in her blowing snot all over the inside of the jogger.  That was super fun to clean up. 

I decided today was a GPS free day.  I did run with my phone, so used Runkeeper, but put it inside the jogger so I couldn’t hear it.  I just needed to get out there and run a pace and distance that feels good.  I know the loop is close to 4 miles and I know how many extra laps to make around the lake to get up to 5 if  I want to.  But, like I said I was hot, and my foot has been sort of giving me flashes of pain out of the blue every few days, so I decided to stop while I still felt good, which meant 3.96 miles in 43 and some seconds.  If only I had run a few more steps instead of doing a cool down I would have hit 4.  Oh well. 

I used my phone so I could track my run still, but not look at my pace etc every 60 seconds, and because there are some crazy racoon’s near the park, check out the story here: and if I was attacked I figured it would be good to be able to call 911.  Should have run with Bishop…he would eliminate the problem in about 10 seconds! 

 My new Ballys running top that I LOVE!  I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but all but one of my running tops eventually ends up riding up to almost under my armpits during my runs.  They just don’t stay put.  So when I came across this for $5.99 while discount shopping I thought what the heck I will give it a try.  So far the only two tops that stay in place have been under $10 and got them at Ross and the Ballys top is from Burlington Coat Factory.  My Lululemon stuff stays in place as well, but it’s all cold weather running stuff, I don’t have any of there tanks or t-shirts.  (Oh and yes that is new short hair for me!  I have had it for a little over a week now, jut haven’t had a chance to take a good pic of it to post, so don’t judge by this pic.  This is post run full of sweat bed head!)  There will be good pics soon!  Very good pics, that’s all I’m saying. 
 A better look at the details of the tank…I like the grey and black faded stripes. 
I only took this pic because my sister takes pics of her shoes like this all the time, and I never do.  So there you go, my new shoes that I LOVE and want to get a second pair for rotation purposes, pink compression socks that are way hot when the sun’s out, but my shins don’t hurt!  And my zero muscle definition legs.  I should have thought to flex before taking the pic.  My legs actually do look better than that. 
Now for a shower, Sky is finally asleep.  I find it sort of gross that she still wants to cuddle with me even with sweat dripping off me and the smell that goes along with that.  But, she needed some snuggles before going down for her nap. 

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