Gone Camping!

We are camping for the 4th!  I can’t wait for some extended camping fun!  I will be supper busy tomorrow getting the last minutes stuff done (although I am squeezing in a walk with Jodi and Reagan in the morning), so this is it until we are back the end of the week.  So thankful Mark can work from camp so we can have a longer trip!   

Best part is….it’s going to be sunny and warm!!!

Happy 4th all.  Be safe, don’t burn yourself on sparklers and watch out for drunk drivers!

I leave you with some Sky pics (sorry you can’t actually see her face in any of them) from our trip to E WA weekend before last….

 The boots were mine when I was 2.  They were way too big for her, but we wanted pics of her in the boots wearing her Wrangler shirt and little shorts.  I have them tucked away for when her feet are a little bigger.  
 Sky and Sam (Great Grandpas dog) working it out.  
Great Grandpa taking Sky for a spin in the brand new wagon he got her.  We asked if he could have one of his old ones (he has several of them around the property) ready to go for her visit, but Great Grandpa decided nothing but the best would do.  So he got her a brand new one for her and a miniature one for her stuffed animals.  So far she likes turning the small one upside down and dragging it around the house. 

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