Vashon Ultra and 10 Mile Trail Run

(ignore my freaky looking hand in this pic!)

I finished.  It wasn’t easy and I was on the verge of losing my mind a few times.  But, El saved me! 

I went into this totally under-trained.  A lot of life happened leading up to this race, and while I want to get a race a month in I won’t do it (or train) at the expense of family.  Other obligations and emotional situations contributed to the lack of training.  My longest run in the last month and a half was only  5 miles.  So I’m just glad I finished. 

10 miles in 2:11 ish.  Give or take a few seconds. 

There were a lot of hills, really hard hills, I had to take a ferry to get there and that totally messed up my pre-race schedule.  I was not able to take care of “things” like normal, so felt blah the whole time.  Had a horrible headache at points, and felt like vomiting for most of the run.  Let’s just say that at the 3 mile mark I was done.  El’s take on 3 miles “We are 1/3 done already!”

And that is what got me through.  El was a super trooper!!!   This was her first trail run, and I was supposed to be there for her, but she totally was there for me and kept me going. 

I had no idea we were getting medals so was supper excited to have that put around my neck when we crossed the line.  They are really cool, recycled class disks from the bottom of class bottles and are sand blasted with the date and event info.  Pretty perfect for a race on Vashon! 

Even through I felt like crap I had fun and really enjoy running with El.  She is so good at keepen on keepen on, no matter how crazy the hill or mud is.  I can’t wait for our next running adventure, only I’m totally training my butt off next time! 

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