Cooking Class

This is what I made in cooking class Monday night.  Mark got me a GC for Christmas and I finally found a class I wanted to take.  Thai and Vietnamese Street Vendor food.

Bon Vivant is who he went through.  It’s unique in that the classes are small 12 ish people, and are held in really nice homes that have nice big kitchens, and are in the Seattle area.

So Monday afternoon I headed up to the U district.  I left early to get up there before the 5pm traffic so killed time shopping before going to class. 

(I only ended up getting a workout tank, but did find that JC Penny’s workout cloths are great for the price.  Would  I run a race in them, or a long distance…no.  But, the running skirt would be great for 5 miles or less and or mud runs given the $20 price.  And the tanks were not good running material, but will be great for P90X and Stroller Fitness once I go back to the Y in Sep.  And, the leggings and capri fit to perfection and it was all $20 or less!)

Anyway.  We were partnered up and assigned one dish to make.  Mine was an eggplant dish cooked in a wok with garlic, lemon juice, fish sauce, green onion, chili sauce, and basil.  It was GREAT!  I can’t wait to make it again. 

I had fun, got to taste a lot of great food, and by the time we were done cooking between all the partners we had appetizers, salads, two main dishes, rice, and dessert.

The only thing I didn’t like is that you only learned the skills needed (none that I didn’t already know for the dish I was given) to cook the one dish assigned to you.  I would really have liked to work on the fish and use the bamboo steamer and banana leaf boats.  Not that I didn’t learn anything, I did learn some very useful stuff, but there were other dishes I could have worked on and I would have learned a lot more, and worked hands on with some food and tools that I have been wanting to learn about.

The instructor was great about answering questions, but some questions you don’t even know to ask unless you are the person working with a particular food or tool.  

I totally want to take more classes as we can afford it.  But, next time I’m going to try a class at an actual cooking school my partner told me about.  Everyone makes every dish all at the same time and you have real kitchen work stations rather than a random table or counter in a hallway leading into the kitchen. 

Not that I wouldn’t recommend Bon Vivant.  I just want something to compare it to.  I am thrilled with the recipe packet I got though!  I can’t wait to have Street Vendor night at our house! 

Bon Vivant has a Mexican food course that I would love to take given how much Mexican food we eat! 

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