Hidden Benefit

There are so many unexpected benefits of having a child, things that never crossed my mind.  One of the things Mark and I are enjoying is the added adventures we have. 

Road trips now require food and energy burning breaks.  Gone are the days of driving 4 to 5 hours without stopping.  We have gotten really good at finding food and taking it to the closest park to eat.  Or finding a cool little place for lunch and then hitting the nearest park to play for a bit. 

Over the course of my life I have made the trip from W WA to E WA hundreds of times.  I have breezed through little town after little town without giving any thought to what coolness may be found if only I stopped to explore. 

Yesterday we ended up in East Cle Elum at Iron Horse State Park.  We had so much fun learning about the railway back in the day, and walking around the trails.  Sky walked a bit, rode in her wagon a bit, ran around in the museum a bit, and was totally ready for a nap by the time we left. 

Made for an easy drive home. 

Thanks to our little girl we get to stop and see things most people drive right by.  Thank you Sky!!

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