It’s Friday!

Starting the day off with a massage, a much needed massage! 

Then home to pack and get ready to spend the weekend in E WA.  Won’t get in until late tonight, and am hopeful that Sky won’t be too fussy.  Although with this cold her fuse is pretty short.  Not sure how I feel about chance of rain and upper 70’s to mid 80’s.  My least favorite weather is hot and sticky! 

Shout out to Amy (Jodi’s sister) who is running the Seattle Rock N Role this weekend.  That’s the only one race shout out I know of, if anyone else is racing this weekend then a shout out to you as well.  🙂

Two pics from this week…my little girl loves her some mac and cheese!

 Yes she went directly into the bathtub after she finished eating the entire bowl!  Girl can eat! 

Enjoy your weekend everyone! 

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