Sky Facts

Call me morbid, but if something happens to me there are things about Sky that people should know.  

Mark may know some of them, but let’s face it…I’m with her all day every day, there are things we do that only get done when it’s just Sky and I.  Mostly because I have a terrible singing voice and won’t sing if Mark can hear, and Mark and I do different things with her. 

-When LMFAO comes on just turn it up and let her dance.  Doesn’t matter what song, don’t fight it, just go with it. 

-She loves Ellen.  As soon as she hears the music she smiles and when she sees Ellen on the TV she smiles even bigger.  Sometimes she dances along with Ellen even.  (No screen time before 2 I know, I know.  Give me a break, it’s the only time I turn the TV on during the day when I’m home alone with her.) 

-Baba means a lot of things.  Baby, ball, by by, book.   

-She cry’s every time I put her on the changing table (mostly because it stops her from doing whatever it was that she was doing) to make her stop I do one of two things.  Sing the ABC’s to her or go through this whole routine of telling her how super duper silly/smart/funny/cute/goofy she is.  But you have to say it like this, “Suuuppperrr Duuuppperrr SILLY.  Suuuuppperrr Duuuuuppperrr SMART.” and on and on.  And, you have to look away first, say the first word and as you say the rest turn and look at her and get really close to her face like your going to kiss her. 

-Regarding singing the ABC’s, it works any time she is crying (for the most part).  But, the trick is you have to change it up.  Sometimes I sing it like a Vegas lounge singer, or as I think Jack Black would sing it.  If she is really crying I add in some Steven Tyler type screams.  Sing it slow, fast, or with an accent.  She likes it all. 

-If she just can’t be pleased put her in the bath and let her play until the water is cold.  Or, take all her cloths off.  She really likes being in just her diaper. 

-Hand Lotion – any time you put lotion on and she can see you she thinks she is going to get a massage.  Just take the time to do it, or put your lotion on in a different room.  After her bath, she always gets dried off, hair brushed, and then I put the lotion on my hands and give her a little massage, then diaper. 

-We use Monkey Butt powder when we change her diapers and she cracks up when I sing Monkey Butt, Monkey Butt, Monkey Butt to her when I sprinkle it on.

-Also, she likes having her booty fanned by a diaper before you put a new one on.  Apparently she likes being extra dry.

-When I put her shoes on I pat the bottom of her foot and she smiles every time, and holds her foot up and waits for me to do it.

-Most of the time when she shakes her head no it doesn’t mean no at all.  It’s her silly head move.  She expects a laugh and for someone to say  Silly Head.

-In the mornings she wants her cereal ASAP.  Do not make coffee, do not pour your coffee, don’t even try and pee.  You get the cereal out, mix it up and feed her fast! 

-She loves her books, all of them.  But she really loves books that have the word sky in them.  My guess is she thinks the book is especially for her because her name is in it.  And, I always highlight the word sky so she thinks it’s her name.

-We listen to music all day.  All kinds.  But, any time a song comes on that has the word sky in it, I sing that part extra loud because it makes her smile and it makes her dance.

-When in doubt constant motion is a great option.  Put her in the carrier and walk around, or stick her in the stroller or wagon and move it, move it, move it.

-She seems to take joy in my pain.  She cackles like a mad baby when I’m struggling to get through pushups, pullups, sprints…anything really.  Just work out hard and she will laugh at you for an hour.

-Her feet are supper ticklish.  She doesn’t like it outside the bath, but cracks up when you wash her feet in the bath and will flash a big ol smile.  

-Forget about clips, bows, bands or anything else in her hair.  It won’t last 7 seconds.  She is good with hats though.  Sunglasses don’t last long either, even though she HATES having the sun in her face. 

-She can undue her Velcro shoes, so stick to double knotted laces or buckles.

Those are the highlights for the most part.  


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