Back to Running!!!!

These are my new running shoes.  Asics GT-2170.  I love the bright colors…it clashes wonderfully with my pink knee highs, and all my other running gear.  Oh well.  At least my feet stand out. 

Getting fitted was a great experience.  Not only did they take time to answer all my questions, I got some great coaching tips, and may have found an 8 week class to help with form/coaching.

I went to Route 16 in Gig Harbor for the fitting, and was happy to work with the person who loves the 1/2 distance.  I really think it may be my new favorite distance.  I can’t wait to do another one, hopefully injury free next time!  I highly recommend them!  Check out their link:

I ran 5 mile drive today in the new shoes, and initial verdict is I LOVE them!  I’m going to put about 20 or so miles on them, and if I’m still happy I will get a 2nd pair so I can rotate my shoes thus making them last longer. 

For the first time I found myself alone on 5 mile drive.  The fast group was way ahead of me and the slower group was behind, but within hearing.  I felt pretty ok about it as long as I could still hear their kids and the ladies talking.  I had been worried about being slow since I took so much time off, but I found a pace that felt good and just went with it.  I walked the steepest parts of the hills, but ran more of 5 mile than I usually do, and I was pushing the stroller.  

I pretty much always run with music (it’s my running crutch), even when running with friends, I just leave one ear out so we can talk.  But, today I didn’t have any music, and strangle I didn’t miss it or feel like I needed it to keep going.   I didn’t think about anything other than how great I felt and adjusting my form to fit the tips I was given at my shoe fitting. 

I have had a hard time working up the desire to run the last few weeks.  My mind and emotions have been in other places, but today felt great and I feel like I’m back on track.  And, maybe more importantly I got a mental break from life, drama, and missing my Grandma.  

Oh, and ZERO foot pain!  I’m one happy runner!!! 

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