1st Birthday Party

We had Sky’s first birthday party this Saturday.  (I really can’t believe that Sky will be 1 on Tuesday.  It has been an amazing year of growth and discovery and I have loved every second of it!)  I’m so thankful the weather was nice and we were able to spread out into the yard and the deck.  There were a lot of people, kids, and fun! 

 Me and Aunt Candy. 

 Sky and Reagan…birthday buddies!  
Monkey cupcakes.  Thank you to Jodi for helping me find the idea and for helping decide that cherrio eyes were way better than m&m eyes.   
 Taking her first bite of cupcake.  
 Not sure what it is or why it’s on fire! 
 Her first tattoo.  It’s a Monkey to match the monkey birthday party theme.  
 Super happy about her new sun hat!  
 Lot’s of peeps to help celebrate!  
 Lot’s of presents and lot’s of help from little people. 
 Michelle, Tina, Alex, Candy. 
 Her custom Ray Mansfield Sock Monkey!  
 I’m a little disturbed at how much the monkey looks like Ray.  Down to the mustache and the part in the hair!  I can’t wait until Sky is old enough to understand why this is an awesome birthday present!   
Uncle Paul with the girls: Grace, Abi, Sky, Kiera.
Thank you to everyone for the gifts and for taking time to celebrate with Sky!  

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