Mothers Day Fun

Since this year was my first Mothers Day, Mark let the family know the three of us would be spending it together.  Since the weather was so nice that I decided going to Anacortes and then from there going to Orcas Island.  However, it’s a long drive, really long drive, and the weather was so nice that we decided to spend all our time in and around Anacortes so we could spend more time in the sun and less time in the truck.  Plus I didn’t love the idea of possible getting sick on the ferry.  I didn’t want to be sick all day on my special day! 

Since it was Sunday a lot of shops were closed, so we breezed through town and then headed into the wilderness.  Thankfully the Visitor Information place was open and we were given a map with some great parks etc to check out. 

 Hooking up the Ergo for a little exploring.  Sky and I both really love our new Ergo! The sun shade came in handy and I love the zipper pocket on the front for chapstick and keys!  
 Trying on daddies hat.  (Don’t look to closely…I’m pretty sure there is some cellulite on those legs.)
 Sky’s favorite way to travel.  
 Her new sunglasses were on her eyes for all about 2.5 seconds.  
The view from the top of Mt. Erie…so beautiful!  
On the way home we ran into traffic and decided that stopping for dinner would be a good idea.  We got take-out and found a park to eat in so Sky could get some play time in since we had been in the truck most of the day.  
I’m so glad I got to spend the day with my two most favorite people! 

2 thoughts on “Mothers Day Fun

  1. Hey cool, I was wondering if the Ergo carrier had arrived. Does it take the strain off your back and shoulders? Just three days before we get to celebrate her first BD. Cant wait.


  2. Yeah the Ergo is amazing! I don't even really feel her when I'm wearing her. And, she is so content in it. I LOVE it. Thank you!!


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