I want to run, it’s really hard to not put my running shoes on and go.  I mean I already know I can run 13.1 with constant foot pain, so why not just go for a little 3 or 5 miler?  Because my foot hurts, constantly (although today it felt pretty good!), and I know I the smart thing is to rest it.  BOO!!!

My running plan is to not do any until Relay weekend.  I will have have lot’s of time to run on a track, nice easy on the body running.  I hope to have new shoes by then as well, so can work on breaking them in and getting the ready for Sound To Narrows the following weekend.  So another 2 weeks of not running.

The biggest hang up for me is I felt pretty amazing running my 1/2.  Aside from my mental issues with one section and the leg cramps at the end, I felt great, and kept thinking to myself, wow this feels too easy…surly I’m doing something wrong.  I just hate to lose that feeling.  I put in so much time and so many miles training and it paid off, and now after taking a forced break I’m going to have to start over.  I was really looking forward to maintaining and running 15 to 20 miles a week.  I just have to keep telling myself I will get back to that point, I can do it.  

In other news the Kia is done and I get it back tomorrow.  Let’s hope the break lights work after this.  I will say that Kia has totally turned over their staff in the service department and completed an entire redesign of how they run things.  And…it has paid off.  Their customer service is amazing, they didn’t treat me like a dumb girl who doesn’t know anything about cars, and for the first time in 10 years I don’t mind taking my car in for work there.

BTW I did have a wonderful Mothers Day Sunday, and as soon as Mark uploads the pics I will post about it.  HINT, HINT, HINT, HINT!!!  If it wasn’t the pro camera I would do it myself, but I have a rule about not messing with that bad boy.

Even though it was my day, Sky ended up with her first pair of real shoes.  No more soft crib shoes for her.  She scored big time at the Nike outlet!  Here is a sneak peak…

Speaking of shoes…what do people do with old running shoes?  My pair that are shot still look brand new.  Seems wrong to Good Will them knowing they are shot as running shoes, but they won’t do me much good as I can’t run in them.  I did wear them to the car wash last weekend, but I don’t like the idea of saving a bunch of old running shoes.  I only have so much closet space and don’t want to give old running shoes space in my closet unless there is a really good reason to hang on to them. 

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