The Morning After

I am sore, not as sore as I was after the 12 mile training run, but man my knees and blistered feet are sore.  No muscle cramps though, my legs feel pretty great actually.  I’m a little bummed I’m as sore as I am though because it is a beautiful sunny day and I would love to go for a walk along the top of Chambers and play with Sky at the park.  I don’t think my knees will handle it well though. 

I can hardly believe that yesterday happened.  I RAN A 1/2 MARATHON keeps running through my head, and I keep re-looking at the pics, is that normal? 

Life isn’t all about running though and we did have other stuff going on this weekend…

 Sky finally wore her new pj’s that Grandma got her!  Cute belly peeking out.  
 More pj cuteness.  
 Love her smile and we can’t get over how cute the boy short style looks on her!  
 We puppy sat this weekend for friends, Sky and Vada took about an hour to figure each other out.  After that they were the best of friends.  Mark was outside mowing the lawn and the two of them watched him through the door the whole time.  Mark took this picture looking in at them.  
And I took this pic from behind…the two of them were pretty darn cute the whole weekend. 

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