Diva Dash Photo

I have been waiting to see these pics all weekend!  Looks like such a fun race.  I totally want to do a fun race like that.  Need a break from “real” running.  😉  It’s worth clicking over and taking a peek at the rest of the pics…especially the finish line pic!  http://lathamsontherun.blogspot.com/2012/05/diva-5k-in-pictures.html

Oldest niece – Emma, my sister and youngest niece – Sophie.  Emma took a wrong turn, lengthened her distance and still finish close to 29 minutes.  Girl means it when she laces up her running shoes! 
I would love a close up of my sisters shoes…they are spray painted pink.  When they dress up for a race, they really dress up!  
BTW – I finished and beat my goal.  Pics and post race report soon…waiting for the official times to be posted, was supposed to happen by 3pm.  I thought I pushed stop on my watch, but I didn’t, so want to wait and post the right time.  

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