Foot Update

Went to the Dr. and no shot.  Since it only hurts when I run, and I can’t reproduce the pain standing, or with the Dr. pushing like crazy on my foot she was not confident she could inject me in the right spot, or that it would even help. 

Bone related issues were ruled out.  Bottom line is she thinks it’s just over use.  I went from mostly trail running to road running, and from running 6 maybe 10 miles a week to closer to 20 sometimes more.

She suggested as a temporary fix getting inserts for Sunday, so off to South Sound Running I went.  And, guess what I found out?  My go to running shoes are a no go.  I knew I was close to needing to replace them, but they made it clear I should not be walking in them let alone running in them.  But, they also realize I don’t have time to break in new shoes between now and Sunday, especially with trying to rest my foot as much as possible.  So I ended up getting inserts that you heat up in the oven, put in your shoes and let them mold to your feet.

I put them in my back up shoes, that I don’t like, but they are new and only have a few training runs and one race on them.  So they are not broken down like my fave shoes were.  I will go for a test run tomorrow with the new inserts and see how that goes.  At the very least these are the shoes I ran my 12 miler in, with the original inserts that came with the shoes.  So if the test run does not go well I will put the original inserts back in and deal with it.  

After this race I will go get evaluated/fitted for shoes, rest, and hopefully be ready to go for Sound To Narrows in June.  

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