1 Week

It’s the final countdown, and I’m excited!  I’m ready to be done thinking about it, training for it, and missing fitness class because I’m too sore from running. 

Plus, it’s my first race expo and I saw a sneak peak of the race shirt and I LOVE it! 

As for my foot I have a test run set for tomorrow and I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes.  At this point my foot feels a little over treated.  It’s still sore, but feels different.  Like it’s sore from being messed with so much…all the massaging, ice baths and compression. 

Mark and I walked Chambers today and it felt good.  I even jogged a few steps to cross a street and it didn’t hurt.  So I’m feeling good about it.  I will still do ice tonight, but will probably skip the compression and massage.  I just feel like a break is in order. 

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