Sky Pics

I really can’t believe Sky is 11 months old already!  I have been so good about stopping to enjoy every little second and still it goes way too fast.  This little girl continues to crack me up and amaze me every day!

 That’s her I’m gonna knock you over look.  She loves pushing the roller over.  
 This is how Sky helps daddy work in his office.  She LOVES paper.  She will empty the recycle bin and then play with all the wonderful paper and spread it around the office.  This day though she decided to get in the bin and then pull it over on top of herself.  If you look close you can see her face is smashed against the side of the bin.  
 She really does love her books this much.  
Her fave thing…shoes.  She would rather play with shoes (or paper) than any toy she has.  
On tap for today…playing in the yard and getting Sky used to the grass while I continue ice, meds, and tennis ball rolling my foot.  It feels better today, but still hurts.  So it’s more of the TLC to hopefully get it back to normal by 5/6. 

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