Weekend at the Beach

Mark planned a lovely surprise birthday weekend at Seabrook.  http://www.seabrookcottagerentals.com/

The weather was wonderful.  It was so nice not to cook a single meal, make a single drink, and just relax.  Seabrook is adorable with a few little shops, indoor pool, playground, and various lawn games.  The beach is close, within walking or you can drive up the road and drive on the beach. 

This is purely a relaxing getaway destination.  Seabrook is not close to anything really, so when you go there you pretty much go to enjoy the cute little community and the beach.  Also, visit a grocery store on the way so you have everything you need as there isn’t a big store close.  There is a small store in Seabrook…small.

I loved it.  I am happy to chill in the house, read a book, nap, have a drink, play a board game, read, visit the beach and play for a bit, and chill some more.  You get the idea.  Low key with little activity is pretty perfect to me.  Especially since I was pretty sore from my run.

I had fun hanging out with Bob, Michelle and the girls and Alex, Tina and Abi, and Amy.   Perfect relaxing weekend at the perfect time!

 This is the house we stayed in.  
 Sky in her sunglasses.  

 Hanging out on the beach.  
There are more pics on the photo site. 


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