Went out for a 4 mile training run, made it .74 miles and turned around and came home. 

Turns out the nagging pain in my foot that started during my 11 miler the other day is a little worse than a nagging pain. 

It doesn’t hurt at all just walking, but each step while running brought tears to my eyes and it feels like something may be really wrong. 

So my plan this week is to not run for as long as possible.  I plan on giving my 12 miler a go Friday morning as planned, but between now and then lots of ice and lots of rest. 

And, since Runners World had an article a few months ago about drinking an injury away, I will do some of that as well.  😉 

At this point I know I can run 13.1…even at the end of 11 when I felt like crap I knew I could get a few more miles out of myself if I had to.  So, if I start out Friday and feel like I’m doing damage I’m going to cut it short and call it good. 

I feel like staying as healthy and injury free as possible is more important than pushing more than I should just to get a few more training runs in.  I totally got the 1/2.  I feel good about my running, my ability to push for a faster pace when I want to, my ability to run for 2 plus hours without taking a walking break. 

I still need to work out the blister issue, but I feel like I’m headed in the right direction for that.  I put on a tone of Glide today, also put glide on the outside of my sock and my shoes felt really squishy.  Even though it was only a little over mile of running I felt a difference, so will give that a go again on Friday.  (Thanks for the advice!)

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