A Good Day

Yesterday was a good day!  Mark worked from home so I got to spend most the day with my two favorite people.  It started though with a very rainy and windy run at 5 Mile Dr.  Some brave ladies from Stroller Fitness class decided to go hard core and run no matter the weather.  I was thankful to have company for a training run. 

Since everyone that is key in her life knows (and stroller fitness class) I feel like I can disclose that Jodi is pregnant!  Since she is nursing and pregnant her body is pretty busy keeping two little ones alive which means I have not been doing my training runs with her as of late. 

That is why I haven’t mentioned her much in regards to running.  Been running alone a lot, which I’m actually not as apposed to as I used to be, but it’s nice to change it up!  And, I really miss running with Jodi…we don’t get to catch up on life as much anymore.  😦 

BTW – Congrats Jodi!  Can’t wait for you to find out if it’s a boy or girl!  🙂  Oh, and she PR’d her 1/2 that she ran while I was on vacation!  Sorry it’s a little late, but way to go!  Your newest addition already has a 1/2 under their belt.  😉

I ran with my new GPS watch and it worked perfectly.  Thank goodness Mark is smart and was able to understand the directions.  He was able to do what I couldn’t…set it up and make it work.  Before I left for my run he showed me exactly what to do when I was ready to start running.  LOVE it!    

And now for some cute Sky pics.  At least I think she is cute.  🙂

 Sky in a basket.  
 “Come on Dad, can I get a little privacy please!”
 Flying with Daddy. 
 She actually kind of hated the grass, but she was happy with her stick. 
 Playing at the park. 



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