Odd Fact and A Photo

The odd fact (one of many odd facts about me) is that I refuse to drink anything with alcohol in it out of my Aerosmith glasses.  Why?  Because they have all had addiction issues and have been in and out of rehab over and over again.  They say they have a dry backstage/tour bus and because of that it just feel wrong to put alcohol in Aerosmith glasses.  Almost like I would be responsible if one of them falls off the bus yet again. 

And the Photo…this is a pic of Sky from Key Wast.  Her hat all sideways like that totally makes her look like a gangsta baby.  She pretty much has her tongue sticking out all the time.  

Have a great weekend all…not sure I will be posting.  I have a race tomorrow morning, then a Relay auction to go to in the evening.  Sunday Mark has a “thing” to go to on Seattle and Sky and I are hitting the Lululemon store and a few others in the search of my 1/2 outfit/new running cloths.  Because, you know a girl can never have too many running clothing options…particularly if a girl doesn’t want to do laundry every day! 

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