Thankful Thursday Post #2

That’s right…a second post! 

You know some times (really most of the time) I feel like someone who runs, and once in a great while I actually feel like a runner. 

Today was one of those rare days.  Today I was a RUNNER! 

This is my week to get back on track after vacation interrupted the last two weeks of running.  I ran 3 miles Tuesday with the first two miles being 9:28 and 9:30, the 3rd mile slowed down to 10:38 ish I think (but it was the only mile that included a big old hill), that is fast considering I have been trying to keep my pace at around 11 to 11:30.  While I was excited my first two miles were quick I was not excited about how hard it felt. 

It felt like I had weighted shoes on and was trying to wade through knee deep mud.  Not great considering I feel like 5K distance should be a give me at this point. 

I was feeling way less than enthusiastic about running 5 miles today, in the cold rain, while pushing Sky. 

(I have been doing more runs without her than with, since Mark was working from home and/or sick, so I took advantage of him being home so much and ran with out her.  Pushing the stroller makes it a lot harder, for me at least.  My hips hurt more (I have to work on keeping my hips under the handlebar and not lean forward like I’m pushing it so much), and hills with the stroller make me go backwards pretty much.)

I had a partner lined up to do 5 mile drive with me today, but that fell through so Sky and I took off alone from the house. 

And you know what….I felt great!  My legs felt strong, my breathing and pace were steady the whole time, even though my shoes and new compression socks were soaking wet I had zero hot spots on my feet and no blisters!  I had water dripping off my hat, my clothing was dripping wet and my feet were soaked withing the first 10 steps, I pushed my 20 lb baby the whole way, but I felt great.  Running in crap weather makes me feel hard core add that to the fact that I felt good while doing it, and yea today I was a runner!  

Bring on my first 10K this Saturday, I’m ready!

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