Missing The Sun

It was so nice to have a sunny, warm escape in the middle of what was some strange weather for the PNW.  I missed the snow thankfully and got 7 days worth of sun to recharge me and get me through until winter is over. 

Our first port of call was Key West and it was lovely.  Very low key, fun to walk around and take in the history.  We were able to enjoy great Cuban food and the best Key Lime pie ever! 

Second port of call was Grand Cayman Islands, and was a tender port.  Which means we had to transfer from the cruise ship to a smaller boat that ferried us to the dock.  This was my least favorite stop of the trip.  It was hot, crowded, lots of banks and concrete.  I did get some good shopping in though and yet again had a really yummy lunch. 

The last port was Ocho Rios Jamaica and was by far my favorite port of call.  It was like waling the gauntlet from the dock into town.  Lot’s of taxi drivers and locals trying to get you to purchase tours and taxi’s.  Once we got past all that we found a little shopping center and a private beach that we could use if we paid a small fee.  (I think it was around $2 or $3 per person.)  There were locals on the beach trying to sell stuff but after a while the security guys ran off.  We spent the whole day laying in the sand and swimming in the ocean. 

The green and blue of the water was so pretty I kept waiting and waiting to find the perfect opportunity/spot to swim in the ocean, and this was it!  It wasn’t cold ocean water like what we have here.  And, it was a really pretty teal color.  The drinks did hurt either. 

I’m thankful to Val that Sky and I were able to go on the trip.  It was nice to spend time with family and celebrate dad’s birthday. 

Sky did a great job traveling.  Flying to Miami she didn’t cry or fuss at all.  She did great on the boat given there were very limited areas and activities that catered to the under 5 crowd. 

We are both trying to get back on our regular schedule and get over feeling like the whole world is rocking like a boat. 

 There was a nice kid camp play area, but Sky was too young to participate in any of the activities they offered.  There were two times during the entire cruise that Sky was allowed in the play area as long as I was with her.  Since there were only a few under 2 kids on the boat she had the run of the place.  She was trying to call DaDa.  
 Dad, Sky and I in Grand Cayman.  One of the few pics I’m in.  
 Dad with Mikaela, Hunter, and Sky.  The three kids got along great!  It was nice because Sky loved the attention and they loved playing with her.  
 Happy Sky.  Every time I try to take a pic she crawls up to the camera and sticks her face right in it.  
 View of Jamaica from our room. 
 This is in Chicago on the way home.  We had a long layover which gave Sky time to crawl around and burn some energy. 
 Sky sleeping in her stroller…this is how she spent almost all her time in port at every location we visited.  She would fall asleep as we left the boat, sleep through till lunch, wake up long enough to eat and then sleep until we were back on the boat.  
 Sunset from our room the first night of the cruise.  
 This angle through the water makes me look bigger than I really am.  I’m not a skinny beanpole, but I’m not that big either.  Anyway, this was at the Hilton pool the day we got off the boat.  Our flight was not until the next morning, so we spent the night in Miami.  Sky was not allowed in the pools on the boat, so I was supper excited to get her in the water at the Hilton. 
 This was the kiddie pool on the boat.  Sky couldn’t swim in the pool because she isn’t potty trained, but there was this little moat around the pool that had a little water in it and she was able to play in that.  It was cold water though, on the front of the boat so was really windy.  She didn’t last long in the wind and cold water.   
It was nice to have a whole week of spending time with Sky, not having to cook dinner, do laundry, clean etc.  Sky and Mommy hanging out making new friends.  Sky was so happy the whole time and smiled at everyone she saw, she was a little charmer the whole week.  
The only time she got upset was when she would crawl around saying DaDaDa and he wasn’t there, and on the flight home.  I think by the end of the trip she was tired and overwhelmed with all the input and activity from the week.  We were both really glad to come home and see Mark and sleep in our own beds. 

One thought on “Missing The Sun

  1. Sky, I am so happy to see your smiling face. You are such a joy! I'm glad you got to spend some special time with your Mom, but wish Dada could have been there with you, too. I love you sooo much. Izzy and I will see you before long. Grandma Jackie


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