Presidents Day Camping Trip

We had a lovely time camping this last weekend.  I am so glad we have a camper because it means we can camp early or late in the season and stay warm and dry.  We were about 1 1/2 from Forks, home of the Twilight books/movies.  Several of us in the group have read the books and seen all the movies and one little girl in particular couldn’t wait to visit all the Twilight hot spots in Forks.  It was a little goofy since the movies were not actually filmed there, but the town has done a great job of cashing in on all the sparkly vampire fans out there. 

 Pancakes for breakfast with all the girls.  
 We visited the Olympic Game Park and since the speed limit is crawling, because of driving through all the animals, Sky got to sit in my lap while we drove through.  We had lamas, yaks, elk, zebra, buffalo and little dear things sticking their heads in the truck windows waiting for us to feed them.  Sky LOVED the elk.  She would jump up and down and laugh like crazy every time she saw one and every time they got close to her.  She had a ton of fun feeding the yaks and buffalo pieces of bread.  
 Happy camper!
 I love the way she is looking at her Daddy!
Mini Beckham’s. 

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