First Valentines Day

Mark and I are not huge Valentines Day celebrators.  The last few years we have had a good bottle of wine and home cooked meal and I am so happy with that.  This year we found an Argentinian crusted steak with chimichurri sauce recipe and it was divine!  I stopped at a local bakery and got a piece of vegan, gluten free devils food cake for Mark for dessert.  Of course I stole a few bites!  It was a nice evening in with the two loves of my life! 

 Look at how cute I am, please be mine.  
 Baby jail.  
 Big smile seeing daddy after coming home from running with me.  
 Look at me…I’m standing!  (I’m so excited I found a use for the crib bumpers.  It keeps her from crawling up and hitting her head on the bars and from getting her little feet stuck under the bottom cross bar.)
It took a few bites of cake before she decided she likes it.  It was vegan and gluten free so really it’s like health food. 

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