Week One Done

First week of 1/2 marathon training is done.  What have I learned?

-Ice packs will be my best friend, as more things start to hurt I may just start taking ice baths.
-I hate my fuel belt, my elbows hit my drink bottles on each side, but it does have a handy chap stick holder!
-Running in the rain leads to sloshing in the shoes and super white wrinkled skin on my feet.
-I am going to be constantly hungry and tired.   

Week 1 and already my ankles, bad knee and bad hip hurt.  A lot!  I have shin splint on both shins.  I’m beginning to wonder how my body is going to hold up to the weekly miles.  Especially since most of my running in paved.  It felt so good yesterday to off road on some trails.  I need more trail running in my life I think. 

I can put up with a lot of pain, but one thing I’m a wimp about is shin splints.  Shin splints will make me gladly give up running.  The thing is I can’t give up until the middle of June…I’m registered for races through June.  (I don’t want to give up anyway, I like running, I just hate running with shin splint pain). 

I’m taking baby steps, one run at a time, how am I going to get through one run at a time. 

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