Pistachio Pudding and Snorts

Dear Sky,
I have a little story to tell you about someone I love and miss very much.  My Grandma Nore (she would be your Great Grandma) and she was the best Grandma ever!  (For the record I am and have been very lucky in the grandparent department.  Both sets of Grandparents are/were the best most perfect Grandparents a kid could ask for).  

Grandma Nore loved hockey (and other sports), camping, arts and crafts, beer, and her family among other things.  She was the Grandma that taught me how to knit and she tried to help me with cross stitching, but I never really got the hang of that.  You know that pillow blanket I sleep with every night and travels with me everywhere?  Well, Grandma made that for me when I graduated HS, and to this day I have to have it or I can’t sleep.  She was that kind of Grandma…the kind that made you wonderful handmade things from her heart…things that you keep for the rest of your life.

I have a lot of really great memories about Grandma but there are two things the stick out in my mind more than anything else: 
1.  Her pistachio pudding.  Now I’m sure it was very good pistachio pudding, but I don’t happen to like pistachios.  I’m not sure how it happened but for as long as I can remember she made that pudding every time we visited because she thought it was our favorite.  It may have been my sisters favorite, but I never did care for it.  But, I never told her that.  All I knew was she took the trouble to make something special just for me and my sister, so I ate it and pretended to like it clear until I was an adult. 

2.  When she really got to laughing she would snort.  And, then she would get all embarrassed about snorting.  The funny thing to me was Grandma laughed a lot, when I picture her in my mind it’s her still healthy with a big smile on her face laughing, and snorting, so I always thought she would get used to being a snorter and not act embarrassed about it.  But, she was raised a lady and ladies don’t snort I guess.

It makes me sad that you don’t have your Great Grandma Nore in your life, she would have adored you and I’m positive you would have made her snort a lot.  Which brings me to you my sweet little girl.

There are so many things about you that I simply adore.  Every day you do something that delights me.  There is one thing you do every day though, that makes my heart smile.  When you really get going with a good laugh you snort.  It’s a cute little baby snort, but it’s still a snort.  And it reminds me of my Grandma every time.  It reminds me of when she was healthy and laughed and snorted a lot, and how much fun I had spending time with her and how much I love her.   

When your Daddy and I were waiting for you to come into our life we always said, “it will be the right baby at the right time”.  You are the perfect baby for us for so many reasons, and the fact that you have a laugh snort just like Grandma Nore is just one more thing proving that you were meant to be our little girl and be part of this family. 

I love you so much dear Sky and I’m thankful every time you snort and help me remember Grandma Nore with a smile. 

6 thoughts on “Pistachio Pudding and Snorts

  1. I didn't care for the pudding either and vividly remember mom telling us never to tell grandma that we didn't like it.
    Funny thing, my kids love Pistachio frozen yogurt, and Em eats pistachio's by the bag : )


  2. I don't remember Mom saying that. Not saying it didn't happen at all…I just don't remember. It was probably so vivid I blocked it out. 🙂 Just kidding Mom. 🙂


  3. Ah, Jen…I'm sitting here crying at your memories of Grandma Nore. I too wish that Gretchen had known her. Ryan has a similar story to the pistachio pudding, but for him it was Coke. Nore always had Coke in the fridge for him. He never had the heart to tell her that it wan't his favorite.:-) I miss her!


  4. Mom was special in many ways! I, too, am sitting here crying. I wish she could have known Sky and Emma, Sophie, and Bubba. She would have been delighted with each of them. She was a very special woman and excellent Grandma. I always regretted that you girls couldn't have lived closer to Grandpa Jack and Grandma Nore like I was able to with my Grandparents. She loved you both very much! Yes, she snorted, she made green pudding for you, she kept you in crocheted Strawberry Shortcake dolls, and oh so many things. She would have done the same for all of her Great Grandchildren. I can see her now watching “Wheel of Fortune” and knitting up a storm.
    Never hold back sharing your memories, Jen. I loved this one. Mom


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