Let The Training Begin

It’s time, time to start the 1/2 marathon training.  This first week will be pretty easy as my longest run is only 4 miles.  By week 5 my longest run will be 12 miles and then the miles start dropping back down the last 5 weeks. 

I really wish I could follow the schedule perfectly since this is my first 1/2 and I don’t really know what I’m doing.  But realistically that is not going to happen.  Life, an already busy workout schedule, having a really terrible sore throat, having a baby, vacation…all mean I have made some adjustments.  In my head I think my plan is a good one, I guess I will know for sure race day.
The official plan is running 4 days a week: short, little longer, short, long.  Never running more than two days in a row.  Week 1 through 5 the runs progressively get longer and longer and weeks 5-10 they start getting shorter and shorter with the last week only being 2 short runs, a walking day and then race day. 

Changes I have made, I’m cutting the shortest run each week and letting my three days of Stroller Fitness (and all the sprinting we do in class) stand in as my shortest running day each week.  If I don’t cut one day I would be working out or running 7 days a week and given the little twinges of pain I have been getting I just know that is a bad idea.  Plus my only goal is to finish the race and run the entire way, even if it’s a slow jog, I’m not looking to blaze through.  I have a time goal in my head just because I need to focus my training runs a bit and it helps if I have a pace to shoot for and maintain, but I know all goals and plans can fly right out the window during a race, so come race day I just want to finish and not walk.  

I’m also starting several weeks early to accommodate being on vacation for a week.  I will complete week 4 the day before I leave for the cruise, and will re-peat week 4 the week I’m back from the cruise.    

I already know the boat we are on has a running track and a full gym with fitness classes.  And, I have zero problem running on vacation…however one big problem.  I get motion sick on boats.  Bad motion sick…I’m one of those people that gets sick in elevators and boats are even worse.  I will either have the patch or the bracelet to help with the motion sickness, but just in case that doesn’t work, I needed a plan that would allow for zero running that week if need be.

(Plus, I’m allowing for the fact that there is a huge time difference between WA and FL and it’s a short enough trip that switching Sky to the new time zone probably won’t work.  And, since Mark isn’t going it’s on me to deal with all baby issues.  Even though I’m traveling with family that is looking forward to helping with Sky, ultimately her care and comfort is my responsibility.  So, I’m factoring in that I may be getting very little sleep and training while overly tired is a good way to get hurt.)  

My goal while on ship is one 3 to 5 mile run…just depends how I handle running in a circle on a track, I’m not a hamster and I detest track running (treadmill is not an option as they make me motion sick and I figure treadmill on a boat is just a bad idea), one fitness class…probably step aerobics or kickboxing or pilates depending on what they offer, and then walking a ton while in port.    

I could always run on land, but the number one thing I’m looking forward to is being in port and exploring the local shops/town, eating local food, and chilling in the sun and sandy beaches.  Life is about balance and while I have this 1/2 marathon to think about I also think it’s important to allow myself to enjoy being on vacation.  

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