New Toy Happiness!

I think it’s safe to say she likes it.  This was a Christmas gift that I tucked away until I felt like she needed something new to play with.  Her and I have been home alone all day, and she has had a great day.  No fits, not much crying, tons of playing on the floor with her toys and wrestling around with Mommy. 

Until right after dinner.  She was in the middle of her usual toys just wining, constant, low grade wining.  Looking all around picking a toy up putting it down and wining.  So I broke out the new toy.  It has a basic baby setting that is just a little piano that plays the keys she hits, or songs for each shape she hits.  It will count as well.  As she gets older there is an educational wireless thing that works with our TV, so she can play with it and follow along with what the TV is telling her to do.

I have to say, considering I’m pretty much against any toy that requires batteries or makes electronic noise, I am super impressed with this thing.  I learned a lesson…there is a time and place for most types of toys.  While my go too toys for her will be wood blocks, books, and other things that require her to develop her imagination, I will concede that maybe her little brain gets tired and she wants to play with something that does a little of the work for her. 

So this particular toy will live behind the recliner and only be brought out for small amounts of time during the day.  I may appreciate the place it has in her life, but that doesn’t mean I want to listen to it all day. 

BTW – if you enlarge the pic you can see her two little bottom teeth. 

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