We Have An 8 Month Old!

I can’t believe we have an 8 month old…I know every parent feels this way, but it’s going by way too fast!  So thankful I get to be home with her every day!  We have so much fun! 

What she can do now:
-She does this really silly and funny crazy head bobble while she is sitting up.  She gets so in to it that she falls over every time. 
-She can get into a sitting position from laying flat on her back or her tummy. 
-She can get around the living room by rolling and pushing herself backwards.
-The girl can eat.  Current favorites are carrots and any meat we put in front of her.
-There are two cute little teeth on the bottom.
-She days DaDaDa while looking for or at Mark. 
-Sing along with American Idol and dance with Ellen.

What she can’t do:
-Still can’t crawl.  I’m sort of thankful for, but she is super frustrated about. 
-Say MaMaMa.
-Use my cell phone or computer which really makes her angry.
-Sleep through the night every night.  She is hit and miss…right when she gets on a good streak she gets sick, or teething, or we travel, or the power goes out and she sleeps in our room where the heat is.

 Love her smile!
 This is how she sits.  Her leg being bent like that is a great stabilizer!  BTW – I LOVE this outfit!  The sparkly purple leg warmers with the scull and crossbones onsie that says “So not a princess”.  Love the contrast!  Oh, and the scull and crossbones are in purple.  Thank you Grandpa for the outfit!
 Great smile, and I think she looks so darn cute in her beanie hats!  Thank you Great Grandma for the warm beanie’s! 
 This dress with her long sleeve black onsie and black leggings under (to stay warm) totally makes her look like Minnie Mouse.  She just needs the ears.  It’s pretty adorable.  Thank you Grandma for the dress!
 She loves her books and is getting better about not trying to eat them.  
It is kind of hard to tell from this picture, but she is sleeping with her legs tucked up under her and her little butt stuck up in the air.  The only reason I took a picture of her sleeping like this is because that is how I used to sleep all the time.  Until I was well into the teenage years, and that is also why I went to the chiropractor weekly as a kid. 

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