No Power…No Problem

Mark and I enjoyed the snow and survived the power being out.  I’m thankful that Mark is a very prepared guy and that we have a ton of camping gear.  We set up camp in the living room, stayed warm, read a lot by propane lantern, and cooked on grill and propane stove.  The only thing I didn’t love about it all was the sound of falling branches and ice.  It kind of felt like we were in the middle of a snow storm war against our house and yard.  But, no one was hurt and nothing was damaged so I’m thankful for that.

 Mark getting the steak and potatoes ready by propane lantern light.  We eat well even when the powers out.  
 We turned our chairs towards the fireplace and propane heater and snuggled in.  It was supper cozy being warm in our little circle of heat and seeing the snow outside the door.  
 Sky and I snuggled in, notice the wine, Sky’s bottle and my e reader on the table next to me.  Gotta have the important things close at hand!
 We moved some of the important things from the refrigerator to the icy snow outside.  Apparently I was only concerned with keeping the champagne and cranberry juice cold.  (the milk, and meat was on the back deck in the ice.)

 This is the front yard between the house and the garage, looking up into the side yard. 
 Our cars…looking towards the main street.  
This tree has been leaning for a couple years now and every storm we wonder will it come down.  Well it came down.  We heard it come down, Mark had an orange cone and went out to help the best he could.  Thankfully it didn’t take out the power lines, didn’t land on any passing cars (not that there were many drivers out) and no one was hurt.  The first truck that drove up had a chain saw so they made quick work of clearing the road enough for people to get past. 
Sky and Daddy having fun in the snow.  She was watching Bishop run around and play. 

Flying baby.  

Mark made Sky her first mini me snowman.  I’m not sure what she thought of it.  That’s her bib and hat on the snowman. 

It’s nice to be back to normal.  I think the thing I missed the most was my workouts at the Y (I did stuff at home though) and music.  Sky and I listen to music all day long, all different sorts, and we take dance breaks all the time, and I really missed that.  Since we didn’t have power Friday Mark had to go into work instead of work from home and it was sort of scary being home alone hearing all the ice crash down out of the trees.  Every time any would hit the windows or deck Sky would freeze and her eyes would get giant and she would look at me like what the heck!  I put some effort into being silly and singing to her to distract her from the commotion going on outside. 

I’m supper thankful I am not working outside the home…it made it supper easy to make the call not to try and drive anywhere and not have to get ready by candlelight. 

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