Things Kids Say

I spent the night at the Beckham’s last night so Bob and Michelle could celebrate their anniversary by going to a play in Seattle and spending the night up there. 

(Sky stayed home with Daddy for some Daddy baby time.)

I love watching the girls for them because one of them always says something that makes me laugh.  I mean the kind of laugh that makes me snort and almost pee my pants.  Now that Kiera is a chatter box there are twice the comments! 

As I was tucking the girls in last night Kiera looks at me and says, “Don’t fart on mommies side of the bed.”  Really, how about good night, or I love you, or sing me a song, or I need to go potty…no she felt the need to tell me not to fart.  And, what about Daddies side of the bed?  Is it fair game?  

I love 2 1/2 year olds, they say the darnedest things!

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