Holiday Fun

This year was more fun than most because it was Sky’s first.  I am thankful she was old enough to know there is exciting stuff going on, and she was a pro at opening her own presents.  7 months seems to be a magic age.  Not only was she into her presents and everything going on around her, but she also cut two new teeth, started lifting her arms up to us when she wants picked up, made her first crawling move, and started begging for food if we are eating “real” food and she isn’t. 

Since Mark was able to work from home, from my aunt and uncles house, so we were able to stay 12/24-1/2 and not only spend Christmas with my family, but ring in the new year as well.  Bonus = the Beckham’s made the drive over for New Years Eve and welcomed in the new year with us! 

The entire week was filled with lots of family time, lots of love, and lots of wonderful memories.  Thank you to everyone who helped make her first Holiday Season the best ever!!! 

 Christmas Morning.  
 Uncle Paul and Aunt Candy watching football with Sky.  
 Grace and Kiera partied hard apparently.  Some day Grace is going to kick Mark’s butt for taking these pics!  
 That is NOT orange juice!!! 
 Love the headband!
 This was funny, everyone was in the kitchen getting dinner ready and Dad gave Sky a present thinking she would play with it and distract her while waiting for dinner.  Next thing we know she has it opened and some key people missed her opening her first gift.  She is a present opening pro!
 She LOVED her ribs!!! 
 Apparently she likes this wine. 
In her Steelers hat and leggings that Nolan and Michelle got her, I adore the hat in particular.  It looks so cute on her!
There are a lot more pics on the photo site. 

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