The Year of Two Christmas Cards

We ended up with two Christmas cards this year.  How does that even happen?!

We had won a photo setting at a Relay For Life auction earlier in the year and figured we would use that photo shoot as our Christmas card.  Well scheduling was an issue, waiting until Sky was old enough which meant we were in to bad weather was an issue, and the fact that we were used to being able to use any pic from the previous year when it was just Mark and I, but that doesn’t work for a baby…people want to see a current pic of her. 

I had a $50 credit with mixbook so we picked a photo from our trip to the pumpkin patch.  Mark really didn’t love the pic because I had sunglasses on/Sky was not looking at the camera/and Mark was a little squinty.  But it was the best option we had and the most current pic of the three of us.  So we went with it.  I was surprised to find that the card also had a back side and I was able to use a photo of just Sky on the back of the card…it is pretty adorable.

(We had ongoing conversation about Mark wanting to just have a pic of Sky on the card, and I was insisting on a family pic, or a combo of multiple pics so that we were all on the card.  I really feel like a Christmas card from “The Yeatmans” should include all of us!  That contributed towards ordering the first card even though the family photo was not all that Mark would have liked it to be.)

Then we went to the Christmas Tree farm and  Mark took a lot of really great pics of our adorable little girl.  Since we didn’t actually have to pay for the first set of cards when Mark showed me one of the photo’s he took and said he would really be happy if we could order new cards and just use the picture of Sky, I said ok. 

We got the second card yesterday, and the first card today (go figure) and you know what…I LOVE the first card!!!  I also LOVE the second card, and I refuse to toss either one in the trash. 

So you know what…everyone on our list gets both cards!!! 

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