All Is Well

Thankfully Sky woke up her normal happy healthy self.  Loved seeing her big bright smile when I went in to get her out of the crib.  She slept pretty well last night as well.  She still thinks that a bottle at 3:30 am is perfectly acceptable, but since I’m not working I don’t fight it too much.  She sleeps in 4 to 5 hour stretches on either side of that 3:30 am bottle. 

Here is a picture of her from yesterday, one of the few times she actually managed to fall asleep. 

And here is a pic of the new nail polish I’m obsessed with!  I always do color on my toes and clear on my fingers, but I totally want to do my finger nails in this as well…I LOVE it that much!

It’s so pretty.  Essie Trophy Wife…so glad Target carries Essie!

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