Ramblings of a Crazy Woman?

Nope, just ramblings of a delirious mommy. 

-I have watched 6 movies and 4 1/2 football games since Saturday. 

-I know there is an ad campaign saying that sleeping with your baby is just as dangerous as letting her sleep with a butcher knife, but I ask what are you to do when your so tired you can’t sit up with her anymore?  I startled myself awake in the rocking chair to find her slipping out of my arms because I had fallen asleep…thank goodness I didn’t drop her.  At that point I said screw it, I’m going to bring her to bed with me so I can at least lay down while snuggling her.  You should have seen the wall of pillows I built on the other side of her to keep her from rolling over.

 -I’m so tired of people saying they don’t like this football player or that football player because they are not a good role model.  Really, if you are (or if you are letting your kids) looking to football players (or any sport really) for role models you have bigger issues then if said player has or hasn’t raped someone, abused animals, used drugs etc.   How about you be a role model for your kids and how about you look to someone who is truly worthy of being a role model.  Here’s a tip – don’t look to the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS for a true role model.  (I know there not all bad…I’m generalizing). 

 -I can’t believe how cranky people get when shopping around the Holiday’s.  I was at the grocery store Tuesday before Thanksgiving and it was packed.  Which I was expecting, I was ready to wait in long lines, that’s when smart phones really come in handy, but there were some ultra cranky people that were pissed they had to wait in 20 minute lines to check out.  To them I say, It’s the Friggin Holidays so cheer the F up! 

-Having a sick baby breaks my heart.  She is so miserable, but that doesn’t stop her from flashing a huge lovely smile in the middle of her crying jag. 

-I so need to go for a run.  Even though I’m beyond tired, delirious in fact, I feel the need to burn some energy, which is funny because I don’t have any energy. 

-I am addicted to Pinterest.com!  I can’t do it justice, you just have to check it out. 

-Love the Breaking Dawn soundtrack!

-Need to find some bell canning jars for not much money…guess I will start with thrift stores. 

-I could use a good snow storm.  I just want to watch it snow since I’m limited to cuddling on the couch with a sick baby for now. 

-I keep burning myself…on hot pans, on the oven racks, on my flat iron, and the end of my hair dryer.  My hands are a mess right now!

-Bruno Mars is the only musician I care to listen to as of late.  (That was before the Breaking Dawn soundtrack by the way).

-Sky picked out her own stocking stuffers and didn’t even realize it. 

-I am going to spend a day cooking soup all day and freeze the extra, just feel like I want a lot of soup on hand. 

-So thankful I have a massage today…I really need it, and need some me time outside the house. 

Oh, as to why I’m delirious…Sky has her first cold, which not only brings along a very not sleeping baby but my first “I’m a crap Mom” moment as well.  

I was at a friends house Saturday evening and she was holding Sky and decided we needed to take her temp since she felt really hot.  Turns out she had a temp of 104, and I had no clue.  Thankfully said friend is a nurse, she sent us home with instructions on what to do.  By Sunday morning she was down to 100.9, and by her 6 month Dr. appointment yesterday she was at 99.8.

(I have been trying to finish this post for 3 hours now…just took her temp again and it’s up to an even 101).

Even though her temp is going down she is not sleeping much at all, her nose is plugged to the point that drinking her bottle is a challenge because she can’t breath, and the Dr. went ahead and gave her all the 6 month shots.  Suffice it to say we have one cranky, not feeling well baby that wants to be held All. The.  Time. 

Thank goodness Mark got home from hunting Monday, because I was worn out from taking care of her all by myself.  I don’t mind doing nothing but snuggling with her on the couch, but the not getting any sleep thing was getting to me.  It’s better today thanks to regular doses of children’s Tylenol.   

2 thoughts on “Ramblings of a Crazy Woman?

  1. Sky-I love you so much! I wish I were there to snuggle you so mama could take a nap. I'm sending you much love and hugs. You'll be better soon. XOXO GrMa J


  2. Jen, I just got a chance to read your post, thank you for the laugh, I so needed it. What a funny post, every parent in America who is worth their salt can identify. I am so sorry I didn't know she was sick, I would have called and helped you take care of her on the phone or at least provided some comic relief. Thank you for the talk today I cannot wait to go on our family Cruise for your dad's 60th, I love you and Sky so much, talk to you later, Love you Val


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